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forum TugasArtikel Soal Tes dan Soal Ujian SMP SMA 2010 dan Soal CPNS 2009
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 SNMPTN bahasa inggris 2009

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PostSubject: SNMPTN bahasa inggris 2009   Thu Jun 11, 2009 12:35 am

below is
SNMPTN prediction for 2009, this prediction base on various test that
was held begin from 1998 until 2008, we take the essential problem in
each year than mixed it became prediction for SNMPTN 2009 in English
Language major, futhermore we also provide answer and step by step to
solve the test problem (soal + Pembahasan)
just clik link above to download the documents, here we post some SPMB sample in from 2001 until 2008
Smoking can be the cause of many illnesses and respiratory disorders; ___ it may harm nonsmokers.
A. consequently
B. however
C. in addition
D. nevertheless
E. otherwise

Mr. Sulaiman is a prominent figure among Indonesian
scientists; moreover, people know him as ____ person.
A. an arrogant
B. a strict
C. a proud
D. a tough
E. a sociable
‘Do you often go to restaurants?’
‘No, it __ quite a long time since I went to a restaurant with my friends.’
A. as been
B. would be
C. is being
D. was
E. had been
He did not pass his oral examination because he was
either nervous ____
A. or he did not prepare himself well
B. and did not prepare well
C. also the preparation was not good
D. or not well prepared
E. but he was not well prepared
“As I was sent out of town to work on construction project, I could not help my fiencee with our wedding preparations.”
But you should____.”
A.Ask her to help
B.Have helped her
C.Ask us to help her
D.Have somebody help her
E.Have her help somebody
These tourists, ____are Japanese, were among the crowd participating in the “Dangdut “ dance.
A.There are many
B.Many of them
C.Whose many
D.Many of whom
E.They who

‘My little sister brought the antique vase I bought last year.’
A.What did she do
B.Oh, I am so sad
C.Oh, it must be expensive
D.Oh, where was she
E.What a shame
As I found out that not all the workshop participants knew about today’s schedule, I got my secretary____it right away.
C.She distributes
D.To distribute
E.In distributing
‘What should the government do to create political stability?’ ____
A.Law enforcement should work effectively
B.The effective work of law enforcement
C.Enforcing the law to work effective
D.Working to make law enforcement effective
E.To make law enforcement work effectively

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SNMPTN bahasa inggris 2009
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